It’s not unusual for dirt and debris to clog your air conditioning system’s outside unit. This is especially likely to occur when you mow the lawn. Grass clippings and other contaminants can easily fly into the unit or settle on top of it. Both issues can affect the HVAC system’s efficiency, but there are steps you can take to prevent grass from entering. Here are a few suggestions.

How to Stop Grass Clippings from Entering Your AC Unit

1. Turn Off the AC

It’s easy for the fan to draw grass clippings, dirt, and other yard debris into the unit when the system turns on. Turning it off before you start mowing is the easiest way to prevent that from happening.

air conditioning2. Mow With Care

Even how you mow can make a difference. As you push your lawnmower, take note of the direction grass moves when you approach the outdoor unit. Change the mower’s position to minimize clippings from blowing near or into the unit.

3. Provide Clearance Space

Air conditioning systems are far more efficient when they have enough room to circulate air. The exterior unit should have at least two to three feet of clearance space on each side to allow for this and to prevent leaves, twigs, branches, and other outdoor debris from entering the unit.

4. Rinse Off the Unit

Rinsing the air conditioning unit periodically throughout spring and summer is a great way to protect the system and prevent it from overheating. Because anything that clogs the condenser fan prevents proper airflow, it will take longer for refrigerant to release the heat that it absorbs from inside your home. That drives up energy costs and harms the unit’s longevity. You can use a hose to spray it generously, along with a vacuum brush attachment to remove more stubborn debris.


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