For over three decades, recycling has been an important aspect of American life. Plastic, metal, and cardboard recycling help to cut back on waste, reduce energy usage, and protect the environment. But did you know that recycling benefits the economy as well? Below, the experts from Green Earth LLC, a recycling center in Harrisonburg, VA, explain the economic benefits of recycling.

Makes Manufacturing More Cost-Effective

cardboard recycling Harrisonburg VAFor companies and industries focused on reducing production costs, using recycled materials costs less than raw materials. If your company relies on cardboard for packaging and shipping, it is much cheaper to use recycled cardboard than it is to create new boxes from trees and wood pulp. Reducing the cost of production also allows you to charge less for your products, thereby making them more accessible to potential customers and increasing your overall profits.

Reduces Landfill Costs

Cardboard recycling, along with aluminum and plastic recycling, also provide an economic benefit to the general public. Recycling these materials means that less waste winds up in landfills, which lowers waste disposal costs for the community. Additionally, with a reduced need for landfills, more land is left available for housing and commercial development, which can increase revenue to many communities.

Creates Jobs

The recycling industry currently employs hundreds of thousands of people across the country in skilled and unskilled labor such as materials sorting, truck driving, and engineering. Recycling produces more jobs overall than the sanitation or waste disposal industry. People who are gainfully employed are more likely to spend money in their communities, boosting the local economy.

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