Recycling is one of the most essential parts of waste disposal, as it helps the planet and reduces inefficiency. Since this concerns the future world they’ll live in, you should educate your kids about the process and get them eager to start doing it themselves. To inspire them, review the following ideas on how to get children involved.

How to Get Your Kids to Start Recycling

1. Teach Them the Benefits

Children’s minds are fresh and impressionable, so during this time, teach them why recycling is essential and the impact it can have on plants, animals, and the environment. You can do this with some of the many books available on the subject which break down complex topics in ways children can understand. Your local library or waste disposal company may also hold events explaining recycling and environmentalism in a fun and free atmosphere geared toward kids.

2. Make a Game

waste disposalOne of the most effective ways for children to learn new concepts and engage with activities is through games. When you’re sorting the recycling, make bingo sheets and get your kids together to play recycling bingo while separating the plastic, paper, and metal. You can also visit your local park or greenway and reward them with points or treats for finding certain recyclable items while you spend time outside.

3. Lead By Example

Kids have a way of mimicking the behavior they see in the adults around them, including parents, teachers, or older relatives. It’s one thing to tell them how important recycling is, but it’s quite another to demonstrate what you’re saying. Practicing responsible recycling in front of and with your kids will help get them in the habit of doing this as a daily part of life.


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