A roll-off dumpster rental can make cleaning your house or yard more manageable, especially during renovations or the moving process. However, you must know how these dumpsters work, so you can load them properly and keep yourself safe. To start, follow these tips.

How to Properly Use a Roll-Off Dumpster Rental

1. Be Safe

Wear proper safety equipment when loading your dumpster, including sturdy boots, gloves, long pants, and goggles. You should also keep small children away from the dumpster and lock it when you’re not using it. Additionally, review which items are and aren’t allowed in the roll-off to avoid loading potentially hazardous materials.

2. Break Down All Items

To maximize the space in your dumpster, break down items to their smallest size before throwing them away. Flatten boxes using a box cutter, and take the legs off furniture or the drawers out of dressers.

3. Load Evenly

roll-offAs you fill the roll-off, make sure you’re not putting all of the heavy items in one place. This can cause items can shift during transport, which is very unsafe. Also, never overfill your dumpster, as it’s a safety hazard and most companies won’t haul away a load that’s too full.

4. Put It in the Right Place

Leave plenty of room around the roll-off dumpster for easy loading, and designate some extra space for separating and sorting trash. If you’re putting the dumpster on grass, place plywood or another material over the spot, so the dumpster won’t sink into the lawn.

5. Load Bulky Items First

If you have large items, including furniture, appliances, or housing fixtures, load them first to make more room for other debris. Once the large pieces are in place, fill in any gaps with your smaller bundles to make the most efficient use of your dumpster rental.


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