When in search of a quality paving contractor in and around Dothan, AL, where can you turn? According to the National Asphalt Paving Association — NAPA — the choice is clear. Esteemed paving company Midsouth Paving, Inc. has received the prestigious National Award for Quality in Asphalt Paving thanks to their successful completion of four different projects. The following explains the challenges this team faced and how they overcame them.

State Highway 95, Henry & Barbour Counties, AL

The layout of State Highway 95 posed a real challenge to Midsouth. For instance, the section of road they worked on included fluctuating elevations and plenty of curves. Despite this, they were able to complete resurfacing according to deadline and control traffic at the same time. The company was also lauded for its use of sustainable materials, as was the case for all projects listed here.

State Highway 431, Henry County, AL

paving contractorState Highway 431 is a popular travel route for Florida spring breakers. This was definitely a consideration for Midsouth when paving this road, but these paving contractors were able to complete the project with no issues. Most importantly, their practices ensured both workers and motorists remained safe.

State Highway 10, Abbeville, AL

With this project, Midsouth was responsible for rebuilding an area of State Highway 10. First, they need to remove old concrete slabs, which were covered with a layer of asphalt. This entailed some tricky navigating around underground utilities while rebuilding the section, which workers accomplished with aplomb.

State Route 1, Houston County, AL

Planning is key when undertaking a complex road project. This is the challenge that faced Midsouth paving contractors, who were tasked with paving a section of State Route 1, which varied between two-lane to four-lane. By breaking up the job in sections, the team was able to meet all productions goals while also ensuring traffic flowed safely.

Of course, this is just a small sampling of what Midsouth Paving, Inc. is capable of. Along with intensive infrastructure projects, they’re also available for smaller residential tasks. Additionally, if you already have a crew ready to work, they can provide the supplies and equipment to get you going. If you’d like to discuss your needs with a paving contractor, feel free to call (334) 712-7500. You can also visit them online for more information on their asphalt and construction services.