With summer finally here, you can look forward to more hours of sunlight, rising temperatures, and warm nights. While these conditions are ideal for fun and relaxation, they’re also quite amenable to laying asphalt. Time is an important consideration, especially when it comes to large scale projects.

Why Should I Save an Asphalt Project for Summer?

Asphalt Is Hard to Work With in Cold Weather

asphaltWhen the temperature outside drops below a certain point, asphalt becomes much harder to deal with. Cold weather prevents the material from setting properly and can even pose issues when transporting it to a job site. Conversely, warm weather ensures asphalt remains pliable, which helps during the spreading process.

More Sunlight Means More Time to Work

When the days are short, paving contractors have less time to complete a job. This means your project may take two or three days to finish, which can be disruptive when it comes to something like paving a road. Summer means longer days, which means your project could be complete within the span of one day.

Higher Overnight Temperatures Lead to a Faster Cure

To the same token, laying asphalt in the colder months leads to a longer cure process. This is because nighttime temperatures typically drop during the fall and winter, which makes for longer cure times. As a result, driveways and parking lots may not be drivable in the morning. This is a problem for business owners who must minimize downtime to adequately serve customer needs.


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