Whether you’re looking for a vacation home or a primary residence, manufactured homes are an affordable way to get the house of your dreams in an ideal location. However, picking between a single-wide home and a double-wide one can be a bit confusing. The team at Spears Homes, Inc. wants to help. Here, the leading modular home builders in Hill Country, TX, explain the difference between the two floor plans, so you can make an informed choice.

Single-Wide Home

single-wide home Kerrville TXA single-wide manufactured home is typically about 15 feet wide and up to 90 feet long. These homes are typically easier to transport and can fit on a single semi-trailer, making them more affordable to relocate. Since the square footage is relatively small, a single-wide home is ideal for individuals or couples without children. The smaller size often means the purchase price for one of these houses is more affordable than a double-wide model.

Double-Wide Home

Double-wide manufactured homes have an average width two times the size of most single-wide models. As a result, the floor plan is much larger and can easily accommodate families of all sizes. However, the larger footprint means they require more land, potentially increasing the overall purchase price. Additionally, these homes are shipped in two separate trailers and assembled on-site, so they may take longer to complete. Since double-wide homes are larger than their single-wide counterparts, buyers can choose from a greater number of configurations to meet their needs.

Whether you’re in the market for a cozy single-wide home or a spacious double-wide model, the team at Spears Homes, Inc. will match you with the perfect floor plan and help you choose the right amenities. Their selections of layouts and upgrades make it easy to personalize your new house. Learn more about their selection of high-quality manufactured homes online, and call (830) 895-3003 to discuss your design wishes.