These days, everyone is doing their part to help the environment. One of the easiest things you can do to protect the planet is to start recycling. You may be surprised to learn that many communities have rules about which materials can be processed for reuse. The recycling professionals at Augusta County Disposal in Fishersville, VA, offer this guide to help you go green the right way. This team specializes in affordable garbage collection services that keep their community clean, so you can trust their expert advice.

Look Beyond the Kitchen

It’s easy to focus on all the bottles, cans, and cardboard containers that accumulate when you cook, but there are items in every room of your home that can go in the recycling bin. Check your office for scrap paper and your bathroom for empty plastic toiletry bottles.

Keep Items Clean & Dry

Take the time to wash out your recyclables. Leftover food and soap can contaminate everything in your bin, meaning the processing plant cannot use it to make new products.

RecyclingSorting Is Essential

In many communities, paper gets processed separately from plastic, metal, and glass. Research the local regulations for sorting these items and make sure you have enough bins to hold everything.

Look for the Symbol

While you can find specific guidelines for what is and is not recyclable online, the easiest way to tell is to flip the box or bottle over and look for the little triangle of arrows. Some items will also have a number related to the type of plastic they’re made from, so check your local regulations to find out which categories can be recycled.

When in Doubt, Leave It Out

Not every item is marked clearly, which can make it difficult to tell whether it can be recycled. Put these items in the trash, so you don’t contaminate items that can be reused. Collections with too much nonrecyclable material will end up in a landfill.

We’ve only got one Earth, so it’s important to protect it. Working with a recycling and trash pick-up company like Augusta County Disposal makes it easy to keep your home and neighborhood clean. Call (540) 949-0160 or visit them online to enroll in a collection service and learn about their recycling guidelines.