After an accident, you should visit an auto body shop immediately before continuing to drive. This ensures the vehicle is safe, even if you think it only features minor cosmetic damage. However, knowing what to ask a repair specialist and how to determine which one will be prompt and reliable can be difficult. Below are several questions to keep in mind when searching to help you get repairs with minimal delay.

FAQ for an Auto Body Shop

How long will the repairs take?

The first question you should ask is how long the auto body shop expects repairs to take. While the shop can provide a rough estimate, the exact timeline depends on the extent of the damage and nature of the necessary repairs. Other factors that can extend your wait are the availability of parts, holidays, heavy workloads, and possible complications with insurance. A reliable business will consider all of these aspects and offer a general timeline, allowing for flexibility.

Do you have rental vehicles?

When you don't have reliable transportation, this can be a serious inconvenience to your daily life. However, many auto body shops offer relationships with rental providers. This helps alleviate any difficulty getting around until they finish working on your car. Before taking possession of a rental or courtesy car, take photos of it and note the mileage for later comparison.

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Do you have insurance for my car while you are repairing it?

While technicians repair the vehicle, you should make sure they have the necessary protections to combat theft, fire, and other risks. Most repair shops understand this concern and have comprehensive insurance to protect your car. Ask them about their policy before dropping the car off, and don’t allow your own coverage to lapse, as this could result in financial penalties.

Do you offer a warranty?

A warranty on repairs tells you that an auto body shop is dependable. When a business guarantees their work, you don't have to worry about additional costs if the repairs fail or are incorrect. As you search for the perfect shop, ask about how long the coverage lasts and what it includes. For example, some businesses may offer a warranty on the parts, while others will guarantee both labor and parts.


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