There are many symbols of love, but nothing conveys pure, loving peace quite like a white dove. At A Sign Of Peace White Dove Releases, the only dove release company within 50 miles of Cincinnati, the team has been helping customers create moments full of purity, innocence, and love for more than 15 years. Their caring and compassionate team can help you create a special moment that’s as beautiful as it is memorable.

3 Occasions Perfect for a Dove Release Ceremony

1. Your Wedding Day

Throwing rice or blowing bubbles are both festive, but nothing symbolizes the beginning of a new life together like two pure white doves being released into the world. If you really want to blow your guests away, A Sign Of Peace White Dove Releases offers flock releases of 25 or more white doves. You can even customize your wedding dove release with a special poem read by a loved one beforehand.

2. A Loved One’s Memorial Service

doveA white dove release can also be an incredibly moving tribute to a loved one at a funeral or memorial service. Although the loss of a loved one is devastating, a funeral dove release is a chance to celebrate the life of the departed and present a symbol that their spirit will fly free in the world even though their body is gone.

3. Your Newborn’s Christening Ceremony

Another beautiful time for a dove release is after a baptism ceremony. In biblical stories, the dove is a symbol of the Holy Spirit. When you release a dove at a christening ceremony, the dove represents tranquility, peace, and faith.

Whether you are planning a wedding, private event, or memorial service, let the team at A Sign Of Peace White Dove Releases make it even more meaningful. Call today for rates and availability. For more information about the only dove release company in Erlanger, Kentucky, visit the A Sign Of Peace White Dove Releases website or call (859) 727-3254.