White doves are no ordinary birds. They are universally recognized as symbols of purity, peace, love, and harmony. While it’s rare to see a white dove in the wild, it’s considered a sign of good luck. Read on to learn more about these beautiful birds. 

What Makes White Doves Special

What Kind of Bird Is a White Dove?

white doveBelieve it or not, white doves actually belong to the same bird family as the everyday pigeon you see in your neighborhood. Although white doves are similar to pigeons, the major difference between them is that the everyday pigeon is a bit larger. Overall, there are as many as 300 species of dove.

Where White Doves Live

Doves are resourceful birds and live in almost every environment in the world. They often live in wooded areas, but they can also live in man-made structures like buildings in cities. Pure white doves are rarely seen in nature, and could actually be white pigeons instead.

What White Doves Eat

White doves, like most dove species, are omnivorous, and can be found eating seeds, nuts, grains, and fruits. They may also eat insects and earthworms.

How Long do White Doves live?

White doves live for 3 to 5 years in their natural habitat. If they are cared for as domestic pets, they can live for as long as 12 to 15 years.

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