Fitness Center
Big Blue Strength
242 Southland Dr, Lexington, KY 40503

About Big Blue Strength

Our main focus is finding what fits YOU best!

If you’re interested in building your strength, improving your flexibility, or losing weight, the experts at Big Blue Strength in Lexington, KY, will help you achieve your goals. This premier fitness center offers Pilates, personal training, and weightlifting in one high-quality facility.

The area’s top Pilates center and CrossFit® training gym recently joined forces to bring locals a holistic approach to strength and wellness. Big Blue Strength’s six fitness coaches have extensive training and a passion for fitness and health. At this gym, professional trainers, coaches, and Pilates instructors come together to service the unique needs of each and every member. Whether you’ve never set foot in the gym or you’ve been a seasoned weight lifter for years, this team is prepared to help you become your fittest, healthiest you.

Big Blue Strength offers weightlifting, group and personal training, and Pilates courses. If you’re interested in improving your fitness in a fun, community environment, group training is ideal for you. The staff will help you find classes that meet and challenge your unique skill set and interests. Meanwhile, if you’re a professional weightlifter with your eyes on the prize, the gym has its own Olympic Weightlifting team that will motivate you to perform your best. When you’re testing your limits and boosting your body awareness in Pilates or breaking your personal best in weightlifting, Big Blue Strength helps you excel.

To meet your fitness goals and become healthier, stronger, and more confident, enlist the support of Big Blue Strength. For more information about the premier training center, call today at (859) 537-8032 or visit the website.