Asphalt is known for being durable, even while withstanding the stresses of vehicular traffic. However, the pressure can still take its toll in the form of cracking. Different types of cracks may form depending on the stress that is placed on the pavement. It's important to prevent or quickly address the following kinds of damage.

A Guide to Cracks in Asphalt

1. Edge

These cracks appear a couple of feet around the surface's edges, often parallel to the pavement's centerline. They often indicate that there is not enough support around the asphalt's borders. You can address this damage by removing any trees or shrubs around the asphalt and improving your drainage. By making these changes, you'll prevent the water from pooling around the perimeter. 

2. Fatigue


Fatigue cracks, also called alligator cracks, spread out in an asymmetrical pattern that looks like an alligator's skin. They occur when the surface's weight is too heavy for its construction, causing the asphalt to buckle under the pressure. Avoid placing heavy machinery or dumpsters on the surface for long periods. If the cracks appear, a contractor may need to repair a weakened subgrade or add some thickness to the pavement. 

3. Block

These larger interconnected cracks form in a rectangular shape, and the fractures will cover large areas. This damage is caused by temperature changes expanding and shrinking the surface. To prevent this issue, a professional can use an asphalt binder designed to withstand temperature changes. Smaller cracks can be sealed, while larger ones indicate that the top layer should be removed and replaced with an overlay. 


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