Welding or metal fabrication, which utilizes heat to fuse two pieces together, is an incredibly versatile and important process used in construction, furniture building, and creating ornamental fencing and barriers. A common example of welding seen in many homes is fireplace screens. If you're curious about their functionality, here's a list of frequently asked questions to review. 

4 Questions About Fireplace Screens Answered

What is a fireplace screen?

Also known as a fire guard, this device is designed to create a shield between the fireplace and your living room. It's typically made of a combination of metal and mesh. 

The primary purpose is to catch and trap embers to prevent them from flying into your living space when a downdraft occurs. They also create a barrier for children and pets and safeguard any combustible materials that may be nearby, such as rugs, textiles, and furniture.

Can they be decorative?

fireplace screen

In addition to their safety features, many homeowners choose fireplace screens based on their aesthetic beauty. You can work with a metal fabricator that can design a custom screen that fits your fireplace and your interior design perfectly, keeping your living room looking tidy. 

How large should a fireplace screen be?

For maximum coverage and safety, your fireplace screen should cover the opening of your firebox completely. Before investing in one, measure your fireplace and choose a screen that provides total coverage on both sides and lengthwise. Avoid any gaps since embers might exit through these small crevices. 

Do screens block heat?

Fireplace screens are always composed of fire-resistant and noncombustible materials. To avoid blocking heat from entering your living spaces, your screen can be designed out of mesh that allows heat to pass through easily, while still protecting you from embers.


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