Booking wedding charter services for your upcoming nuptials will be convenient for you and your guests. Transportation to and from the wedding ceremony and reception sites will allow guests to enjoy themselves without getting behind the wheel. Charter services will also ensure your guests arrive on time at the correct venue. The following guide can help you hire a wedding transportation service for the big day. 

What Should You Do Before Hiring Wedding Charter Services?

1. Find Out Each Potential Vehicle’s Capacity

Determine the capacity of every vehicle option in the transportation company’s fleet, then compare it to your guest list. If yours is a relatively small event, one mini or passenger bus seating up to 29 and 44 people, respectively, might suffice. You could also decide to hire a limo for you, your partner, and the bridal party and use a luxury passenger bus or coach for other guests. 

2. Determine the Budget

wedding charter

Remember that charter services typically charge by the hour. Review your budget to determine what you can spend, then make a list of guests who require the services the most, such as those who took time off of work and flew to your wedding destination. Other guests requiring transportation assistance include elderly individuals, those with special needs, and all bridal party members. 

Both sets of parents and other immediate family members can also take precedence. If there are budget concerns and some guests are locals who do not drink, ask if they wouldn’t mind driving to the wedding venue.

3. Make a Wedding Day Itinerary

Create a timeline for your big day and review it with the wedding charter company to ensure timely arrivals and departures. For example, you might require services for the wedding rehearsal, or you may need the bridal parties to arrive early in the morning for their photographs. You’ll also want to determine when guests and important family members need to arrive at the reception hall. Consider handing out copies of the itinerary to your guests so that everyone gets where they need to be on time.


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