A vibrant carpet contributes to the interior design of your home. However, certain elements can take a toll on the fibers, leaving the floor dull and faded. Here's what you can do to keep your carpet bright and how a professional carpet cleaner can help. 

How to Preserve the Color of Your Carpet

1. Reduce Sun Exposure 

Natural light helps your home feel bright and airy, but the sun's rays can cause the color and patterns on your carpet to fade. When you aren't home during the day, close the blinds or curtains to reduce the amount of sunlight streaming through the windows. 

professional carpet cleaner

Consider using window shades or treatments that block UV light. When you're home and want to let the light in, you can reduce the damage to your furnishings.

2. Establish a No-Shoes Policy 

Wearing shoes in your home allows dirt, pollens, salt, and other contaminants to be tracked onto your carpets. These not only cause dirty and stained floors, but some chemicals can result in fading as well. 

Supplies you use in your home, including cleaning solutions and foot powders or lotions, can also lead to discoloration. Be mindful of what you track across your carpets, and have a professional carpet cleaner deep clean them at least once a year to remove harmful contaminants. 

3. Deep Clean

Investing in care and maintenance for your carpets can reverse fading that's already occurred. A professional carpet cleaner can use a steam cleaner to remove deeply set dirt and dust that gives your carpet a faded appearance. For especially faded floors, carpet cleaners may apply a solution that restores the vibrant color and reduces the appearance of fading. 


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