Many people aspire to play the piano, but not everyone owns or has access to one for practice. While acoustic pianos are preferred for young beginners, digital pianos work well for aspiring musicians and experienced players alike. If you're thinking about signing up for piano lessons or simply want to create your own sounds, consider the following benefits of owning a digital version.

Why You Should Consider Buying a Digital Piano

1. Low Maintenance

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced musician, digital pianos typically require less maintenance than acoustic versions. You don't have to hire someone to tune your instrument; instead, you can download apps that update sounds. Digital instruments come in a variety of sizes and are also portable for lessons and gigs.

2. Variety of Rhythms

piano lessonsDigital pianos have built-in metronomes, or regular beats that help musicians develop rhythmic and timekeeping skills. The keyboards feature simple controls that adjust tempo and beat so users can slow down and master the piece of music they’re playing. With preset rhythms, digital pianos also allow users to play alongside virtual drummers or complete ensembles.

3. Abundance of Sounds

Digital keyboards come programmed with more than just the sounds of an acoustic piano. Depending on the type you use, it could allow you to play sounds recorded from retro electric pianos, harpsichords, guitars, synthesizers, strings, and church organs. You can also experiment and mix sounds, as many users produce fully composed music.

4. Privacy

When playing a digital piano, you can plug in headphones so that only you can hear the notes. That way, you can practice anytime without disrupting others in the household. This feature also allows you to be creative without being self-conscious about people overhearing.


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