How high is lawn care on your list of priorities? Although you might focus on mowing weekly and taking care of the edges from time to time, there is more you can do to promote your turf’s health. Working with a professional landscaping team might seem expensive, but it’s well worth the cost. This guide outlines three important reasons to invest in quality lawn care.

Routine Lawn Care Is Faster & Cheaper Than Repairs

Weeding your lawn and focusing on seasonal fertilization takes a little time and money, but it is nothing compared to the costs and commitment associated with full-scale lawn repairs. When weeds take over the grass, you might be left with other issues like uneven soil, pest infestations, or even barren land, which can be frustrating and expensive to resolve.

Well-Maintained Lawns Provide Comfort 

lawn care Lexington KYGrass serves as a natural outdoor carpet for your family and pets, making it easier to enjoy your time in the yard. In addition to making the ground feel comfortable underfoot, grass has a lower surface temperature than concrete and asphalt, preventing burns. The soft surface also reduces the risk of cuts and abrasions if your kids fall while they’re playing.

Healthy Turf Improves Air Quality

Grass is a natural air purifier, trapping dust and contaminants while simultaneously creating oxygen. In fact, research has shown that a single acre of grass can filter hundreds of pounds of carbon dioxide created by burning fossil fuels every year. Routine lawn care also prevents soil erosion and blowing dust, stabilizing the ground and keeping the air clean.


Has your lawn seen better days? The professionals at Sharp Lawn Inc. of Lexington, KY, will help with everything from mowing and irrigation maintenance to fertilizing, weed control, and seasonal maintenance. In addition to making your lawn look lush and gorgeous, they’ll also offer landscaping design, build new retaining walls, and create outdoor lighting schemes that makes every patio or deck more functional. To schedule a lawn care consultation, send them a message online or call (859) 253-6688.