Drain and sewer cleaning is essential for keeping your plumbing clear, preventing clogs, and ensuring that wastewater flows smoothly off your property. Hydrojet cleaning is the most cutting edge technique for efficient, thorough removal of debris in your sewer line. Here’s what you need to know about this service and when to ask for it.

How Hydrojet Cleaning Works

hydrojet cleaning

This technique uses highly pressurized water. Your technician will fit a watertight seal over your drain and feed a hose with a specialized hydrojet attachment down the pipe. This attachment blasts the walls of the pipe with water, quickly loosening and scouring away caked-on debris. The water will carry this material down your sewer line.

Benefits of This Technique

The jets of water used in hydrojetting are powerful enough to break up all kinds of gunk, including hardened minerals and infiltrating tree roots, without damaging the pipes themselves. Hydrojetting provides a more thorough cleaning than using a solid tool like a drain snake. This technique also opens pipes up fully, allowing the maximum amount of water to flow through. Because the buildup is removed from the pipe walls, you’re also less likely to develop clogs in the future.

How to Tell If You Need Hydrojet Cleaning

Hydrojetting is recommended if your drains are slow or if you experience frequent clogs. It’s also useful in cases of tree root infiltration in your sewer line. Your plumbing technician can help you confirm the presence of tree roots by using a sewer camera to check for roots and other debris inside your pipes.


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