In an ideal world, your home's plumbing system would always operate seamlessly. Unfortunately, even the newest pipes and water-based appliances are susceptible to clogs and issues that require professional drain cleaning. Here are a few signs your toilet is clogged and it's time to schedule plumbing repairs to restore functionality. 

Is Your Toilet Clogged?

1. Slow Drain

When you flush your toilet, the bowl should empty and refill with water relatively quickly. If this process takes longer than usual or you notice the water level in the bowl is significantly lower than usual, there may be a clog in the plumbing pipes. That makes it difficult for wastewater to move through the system and fresh water to enter the toilet again. While there is still enough space in the pipes for some water to pass through, it's imperative to prioritize drain cleaning before the issue becomes severe. 

2. Overflow


The most common sign of a toilet clog is overflow or backflow. Instead of a flush moving wastewater into your plumbing system, a clog will result in sewage and water flowing over the sides of the bowl and onto your bathroom floor. When this occurs, the clog may be within the toilet trap as opposed to the sewer drains, and you may be able to remove the blockage with a plunger. 

3. Gurgling Sound

A clog that's generated from your toilet can also impact other drains in your home. For example, a gurgling sound coming from sinks and other bathroom fixtures when you flush the toilet indicates a change in the water to air ratio in your plumbing and sewer system. The noise is created because gases are escaping through water seals or vents. 

4. Odor Issues

While you may still be able to flush your toilets, a foul odor in your bathroom or coming from kitchen sinks could indicate there's a clog or blockage. Waste is not flowing easily into the sewer system due to a clog, and unwanted odors seep back into the home.


If you're experiencing any of the issues mentioned above, count on Chugach Sewer and Drain to unclog your toilet and restore your plumbing system. Serving homeowners throughout the Anchorage, AK, area, this locally owned and operated company is known for efficient, affordable plumbing repairs. To schedule an appointment, call (907) 929-5072. For more information on their services, visit their website