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303 W Commerce St, Greenville, AL 36037

About Greenville Glass Co

Damaged auto glass can be anything from annoying to panic-inspiring. Auto glass repair can be an inconvenience, so they tend to stick around — but their free ride ends with Greenville Glass Co. With 35 years’ experience servicing the Butler County, AL, area, they’ve mastered the art of speedy, thorough windshield repair.  

Imagine: you’re making good time down the highway, your favorite driving song playing, windows rolled down… when a piece of debris flies into your windshield. You’re ok, but your windshield is cracked. You’re worried that the damage may spread, but it’s also against federal law to drive with a crack that gets in the way of your sight. Don’t rush over to a repair shop — call Greenville Glass Co. Their 24-hour emergency glass repair team will immediately mobilize to restore you to roadworthiness.

That’s their commitment to customer service in a nutshell. They understand nobody wants to waste time with auto glass repair, so in addition to permanently fixing chips and cracks and sealing new windshields, they’ll even handle your insurance claims for you.

Write this number down: (334) 382-5341. When you’re stuck on the shoulder with a cracked windshield, you’ll be glad to have Greenville’s 24-hour repair service close by. It’s just as good for any sitting in your driveway right now. Call them today and get your estimate.


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