Your business likely houses valuable tools and technology—as well as sensitive data, like employee records and customer payment details. You want to ensure that all these goods are kept safe. A professional access control system can provide the security you need, restricting entry to your business premises and allowing individuals to pass through only if they have an approved access card, key fob, PIN code, or biometric indicator like fingerprints. Discover the advantages of such a system below.

Why Invest in Company-Wide Access Control?

1. Avoid the Need for Rekeying

Traditionally, businesses have relied on physical keys to control who is permitted access to the premises. If one employee loses theirs—or an ex-employee refuses to return their copy—the office doors need to be re-keyed for security purposes. This is a costly and time-consuming process. With access control, management can change permissions for the given access card, key fob, or similar device. Further, there is no risk that an employee will get copies of a key made.

access control

2. Better Control Who Can Access What

You may have different levels of security clearance among your employees, and certain parts of your business premises may be restricted to predefined persons. With an access control system, you can bolster security by programming access credentials on an individual or group basis. So, if you have one room containing sensitive files, you can keep it locked and ensure only approved personnel can gain entry.

3. Create a Historical Access Record

Access control systems can be set up to automatically log who enters what parts of the business premises when. This offers many benefits. First, it holds workers accountable, reducing the risk of theft. For instance, if inventory goes missing from a stockroom, the system will make it easy to see who was in that space. Access logs can also track employee attendance and punctuality. They can even be used for contact tracing in case of COVID-19 exposure due to a sick worker.


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