A classic car is more than just a form of transportation. It’s a vintage piece of art that you want to preserve and take care of. Because of its unique status, a classic car requires a special kind of auto insurance policy. However, only certain vehicles qualify for classic car insurance. Below is a guide to classic car insurance, which vehicles qualify for it, and what it covers.

Which Cars Qualify for Classic Auto Insurance?

To be eligible for classic auto insurance, your vehicle must be driven only for limited purposes. It cannot be your daily vehicle, and mileage restrictions may apply. For instance, you can drive it to and from car shows and in parades, but not to work each day or to the store. You may also have to prove that it’s stored in a secure garage or storage facility, and you could be disqualified for having a serious driving offense or multiple minor offenses on your driving record. Insurers want to be sure you aren't driving the vehicle recklessly.

What Types of Coverage Are Available?

  • Auto insuranceLiability Coverage: Classic auto insurance offers liability coverage in case you should accidentally injure someone or damage property. However, you may have to show you were driving for an approved purpose. It also covers any legal bills arising out of the incident.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: Your vehicle will presumably be in storage for most of the year, so comprehensive coverage is essential. It pays for losses due to fire, flooding, storms, vandalism, or theft. 
  • Collision Coverage: As with liability insurance, you may be asked to show why you were driving the vehicle. If it was for an approved activity, collision coverage will pay for damages. Because of your car's uniqueness, there is no set book value or depreciation. Rather, collision coverage will cover the vehicle's appraised value, even if restoration rates are higher than normal due to the expertise required. 



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