Motorcycle insurance is an essential investment for any biker, providing vital protection from the risks of the road. However, even if you understand the value of a good insurance policy, you shouldn’t have to pay more than necessary. Below are a few tips for getting the coverage you need without overpaying on premiums.

How to Lower Your Motorcycle Insurance Premiums

1. Select a High-Deductible Policy

The deductible is how much you’ll have to pay for damages before your coverage kicks in. Insurance plans with higher deductibles typically have much lower monthly premiums, potentially saving hundreds of dollars every year.

2. Buy a Less Powerful Bike

insuranceBigger, more powerful bikes decked out with all the latest features are typically more expensive to insure, making them much more costly in the long run. Smaller bikes with less horsepower are not only safer, but they can also help lower your insurance bill.

3. Ride Carefully

All insurance companies consider drivers with violations on their record to be riskier, so even a few tickets can drive up your premiums. Whether you’re driving a car or riding a motorcycle, always exercise caution, obey the speed limits, and observe the rules of the road.

4. Bundle Your Policies

Most carriers offer substantial discounts to customers who purchase multiple policies, so ask your agent to compare prices on all your coverage needs. Even if another company’s homeowner’s or renter’s insurance rates are higher than your current policy, the savings on your motorcycle coverage can make up the difference.


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