When you own a farm, taking care of your property, livestock, staff, and equipment is of the utmost importance. Beyond finding a farm insurance agent to help secure the right protection plan, here are a few safety tips you should embrace during daily operations. 

How Can I Keep My Farm Safe?

1. Maintain Equipment

Heavy equipment like tractors and backhoes are used frequently when growing crops and tending to animals. Before utilizing these pieces of machinery, insurance agents recommend reading manuals thoroughly and ensuring all individuals who drive these devices are fully trained and certified. In addition to these safety measures, hire a mechanic to perform annual inspections so you know all the components are functioning properly. 

2. Establish a Dress Code

Meadville-InsuranceDuring the farming process, you’ll utilize high-tech equipment and sharp tools to get the job done. With this in mind, institute a dress code for the safety of everyone on-site. Make sure your staff always wears sturdy boots with tied laces, long work pants, gloves, and protective attire. Hair should be pulled back neatly. These precautions will help you avoid work-related injuries. 

3. Create Clear Land Boundaries

It’s common for farms to have pets and family living on the grounds. Establishing clear land boundaries and erecting fencing is essential. Doing so will protect pets and children from coming into contact with animals and hazardous machinery or farming chemicals. 

4. Know Your State & Federal Laws

Federal and state regulations are put into place for your protection as well as the protection of your community and workers. Know the laws in your area and abide by them to avoid expensive fines, safety issues, or environmental hazards. 


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