When it comes to insurance, most people think of life or auto insurance coverage options. However, for farmers, one of the most important types of coverage is crop insurance. This integral coverage doesn’t just protect farmers from financial issues, but it ultimately benefits the entire food supply. Below, learn why this type of insurance is necessary for farmers. 

What Are the Benefits of Crop Insurance?

1. Protect Farmers From Environmental Hazards

The most common type of crop insurance is crop yield coverage. This protects farmers from a wide range of natural hazards that could cause significant crop loss, including drought, hail, flooding, pests, or even disease. For families that depend on a consistent yearly crop yield for their livelihood, such coverage can prove a true lifesaver in years when the harvest suffers.

2. Equal Opportunity for Financial Stability

insuranceOne unique aspect of the federal crop insurance program is that the government sets the same premium for all farmers, even those who have a greater risk for certain environmental disasters. No farmer can be denied coverage or charged excessively high premiums, regardless of their situation. This puts all farmers on equal footing for obtaining the financial protection and stability needed to manage other aspects of farming, such as maintaining and purchasing equipment. This is especially true of those who obtain crop revenue coverage, which provides protection against unexpected declines in crop prices.

3. Preserving the Food Supply

The financial protections under crop insurance for farmers ultimately benefit everyone. Without this coverage, many farmers would be forced to go out of business after a single bad harvest. This would reduce the availability of crops, making certain food items harder to find. This will cause crop scarcity and will drive up prices. This specific coverage keeps the food supply running normally by helping keep more farmers in business.


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