Riding a motorcycle can be an exhilarating experience and a great way to get around. Although operating a bike is exciting, it’s important to remain safe while doing so. In addition to obeying the rules of the road, it is integral to purchase a comprehensive insurance plan. This plan will cover the cost to fix damage to other people’s vehicles and property, as well as your own motorcycle, in the event of a collision. To cut down on the risk of accidents, learn the safety tips below. 

3 Tips for Safe Motorcycle Operation

1. Practice Defensive Driving

Using defensive driving skills you were taught while learning to ride will reduce the need to fill out an insurance claim later. You’ll need to leave enough space between vehicles to gauge road conditions around you and react when on a motorcycle. To remain vigilant, use side mirrors to view the entire landscape instead of just concentrating on what’s ahead. Be aware of other motorists’ blind spots, and remember to use your signal when changing lanes.

2. Always Check the Weather Forecast

insurance Before you take the bike on the road, remember to check the local weather report or set alerts on your smartphone. Driving in inclement weather can be dangerous, as the tires can skid on wet or icy pavement. It can also be hard to see ahead of you or make your presence known to automobile drivers in heavy snow or rainfall. For this reason, consider postponing the outing until the weather clears.

3. Make Yourself More Visible

Wearing a long-sleeve, weather-resistant jacket and full head helmet won’t only reduce the risk of injury if you get into a collision. The protective gear can also be used to make you more visible to fellow motorists. Place reflective neon orange or yellow tape on the helmet and jacket to make it easier for people in cars to see you at night. You can also place the tape on the forks and wheel rims of your ride.  


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