A swimming pool is a universally loved amenity you can add to your home. That being said, it does pose several risks if safety protocols are not followed, which then affects your insurance. By learning more about how swimming pools relate to home insurance, you’ll know what precautions you can take to keep your monthly rates down. 

A Guide to Swimming Pools & Home Insurance

A swimming pool is known as an “attractive nuisance” to insurance companies. If not properly equipped and watched, a pool can be dangerous to a child. It’s likely you may notice an increase in premiums after the installation of a pool because of this. 

First, check your policy and see whether it covers pools. If it does, there may be specific measures you can take (like adding an automatic pool cover) to keep your premiums down. If it doesn’t, you should talk to your insurance agent about adding more coverage to your policy.

One other relevant consideration is whether to add to your liability insurance. You’ll have to pay a little more each month, but that could be worth it if you have frequent visitors to your pool.  

How Can You Make Your Pool Area Safer?

home insuranceBy taking certain safety measures, you will not only keep your premiums from rising but also keep your children safe. Consider adding a tall fence around the pool area to divide it from the house and ensure small kids can’t wander in without supervision. Having a gate can act as parental control if you are away from the area.

A pool alarm is another useful addition, which will sound if anyone goes in the pool, alerting family members immediately and preventing unsupervised pool use. Automatic pool covers are also powerful protective devices. When no one is using the pool, it will be completely closed off, stopping kids from taking a secret and dangerous dip.  


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