Anxiety induces a “fight or flight” response. The body goes through temporary changes to respond to the threat at hand. If you suffer from chronic anxiety, neck pain, headaches, and other physical symptoms might be ongoing. By knowing more about how your body responds to anxiety, as outlined below, you can get the correct treatment to ease your pain.  

Muscle Tension Causes Neck Pain, Backaches, & Migraines

When you are anxious, the muscles in your body tense up. This gets the body ready to flee quickly, if necessary. Once the stressor is gone, muscles will relax as calmness is restored. If you are always stressed, however, your muscles will constantly be under strain. The muscle tension could contribute to neck pain, backaches, stiffness throughout the body, and pulsating migraines.

In cognitive therapy, you’ll address the underlying causes of anxiety and learn how to manage stressful situations. This can help you calm down quickly, avoiding the muscle strain that leads to discomfort.   

Hormone Changes Affect Muscle Strength & Heart Conditions

neck pain When you’re anxious, the adrenal glands release cortisol. With chronic anxiety, an overproduction of the hormone can cause you to feel irritable and depressed, as well as stressed out. Too much cortisol can leave muscles weak, too. You might struggle to perform tasks you once completed with ease or feel achy after an attempt.

Constant worry also sends adrenaline production into overdrive. With constant stress, you could experience heart palpitations and other symptoms associated with adrenaline hyper-secretion more often. The temporary, uncomfortable flutter could be felt in your neck, throat, or chest.


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