When it comes to overall health and wellness, not many people take their feet into consideration until they begin to hurt. If you feel foot or ankle discomfort, it’s important to attend to the issue so that it doesn’t become a larger health problem. Below are some possible causes of foot discomfort.

3 Reasons Your Feet May Hurt

1. Bunions

A bunion is a growth of bone or tissue on the side of the toe. Bunions often develop on the biggest toe and smallest toe, as they are the ones that are more likely to experience friction if you’re wearing ill-fitting shoes. Aside from growing as a stress response to tight or confining footwear, bunions can also form due to arthritis.

Wearing more comfortable shoes or applying pads to the bunion so that it’s covered when you walk are the most common solutions. In persistently painful situations, surgery can be performed.

2. Heel Spurs  

health and wellnessHeel spurs are bone growths that develop on the heel after the plantar fascia experiences damage. The plantar fascia is a tissue that connects your heel to the ball of your foot. It helps absorb impact when your feet are active, and if it experiences too much stress, your heel will naturally begin to grow extra tissue in response.

One way the plantar fascia can be damaged is through running. While running can be great for your overall health and wellness, not stretching properly or wearing unsupportive footwear can result in a spur. Resting or icing your foot are some potential solutions for the pain.

3. Hammertoes

When your toe weakens, it can buckle in a way that leaves the middle joint of the toe pointing upward. This gives your toe the appearance that it is bending down, and it can technically affect multiple toes. This can make it very painful to wear shoes, as the new protrusion will rub against them.

Like with bunions, you could cover the hammertoe with a pad or change to more comfortable footwear for pain relief. In some cases, you can have the bump surgically removed.


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