Cupping therapy is a traditional Eastern medicinal practice that has become popular with professional swimmers. It involves applying cups made from glass, bamboo, ceramic, or plastic to the skin and creating suction via heat to build up pressure, which causes the blood vessels to expand. Practitioners of cupping believe it restores the flow of energy through the body, removes blockages, and reduces pain. Below, you’ll learn more about how cupping may potentially benefit swimmers.

3 Ways Cupping Therapy Can Benefit Swimmers 

1. Relax & Detox the Body

Cupping uses suction to draw the skin and upper layer of muscle upward, making it the opposite technique of massage. At the same time, it potentially produces similar effects with regards to relaxation and tension relief, especially after putting stress on your muscles via swimming. This method of applying pressure on the skin and muscles improves circulation through the arteries and veins, which may remove toxins from the body. Since swimming can expose you to chemicals and bacteria in the water, cupping therapy may be helpful for removing these harmful substances and preventing illness

2. Reduce Pain

cupping therapyThose who practice Chinese and Middle Eastern medicine believe that stagnation causes pain in the body, and that removing stagnation results in pain relief. Cupping therapy puts pressure on the skin and muscles to improve blood flow and remove blockages, which allows energy to move to the muscles. This is possibly helpful for swimmers in terms of preventing neck pain, back pain, and muscle spasms.  

3. Help the Body Recover

Swimming is a demanding sport that requires frequent training and meets, which can leave you feeling sore, achy, and fatigued. Many swimmers choose cupping therapy as a way of helping the body recover from physical exertion and stress more quickly, which increases the likelihood of performing highly at practices and competitions. 


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