At several feet long and half an inch wide, the sciatic nerves are the body’s largest. Two sciatic nerves attach to the lumbar spine on either side of the pelvis. They run down your hips, buttocks, thighs, and end below the knees, where they join other nerve endings that continue through the legs and feet. Sciatica is pain that starts in this nerve and can affect any part of the body it passes through. Here are some symptoms of this condition.


It has been shown that acupuncture is an effective treatment for sciatica.  It is an alternative to the use of pain medication like NSAIDS and muscle relaxers and its variety of side effects. Acupuncture works to ease muscle tension, increases blood circulation, normalizes the nervous system, and triggers neurotransmitters to reduce pain.


What Are the Side Effects of Sciatica?  


1. Buttocks & Lower Back Pain 

You may experience pain in the lower back and buttocks usual only on one side of the body unless both sciatica nerve become compressed or pinched.


2. Shooting Pain Through Legs 


Sciatic pain often shoots down the thighs and may extend into the legs and feet. You might experience burning or stabbing sensations, or the feeling of an electrical jolt through the legs. Your pain may worsen after long periods of sitting or standing, while lifting your legs, or when making any sudden and forceful movements. 


3. Numbness & Tingling 

Sciatica can also cause numbness in the buttocks, thighs, legs, or feet when damage to the nerve is extensive. Additionally, pins and needles sensations may occur due to pressure on the nerve that cuts off circulation to legs and feet, causing them to tingle.  


4. Difficulty Moving

Sciatica frequently results in a compromised range of motion of the hips and legs. You might find it difficult to twist your body or raise your legs without feeling pain, numbness, or weakness. In severe cases, you may have trouble walking due to sciatic nerve inflammation through the feet. 


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