If your business makes and sells food, clothing, cosmetics, and other consumer goods, working with a public warehouse will streamline your daily operations. A public warehouse is a commercial space operated by a third-party company to house inventory, giving multiple sellers the opportunity to store and distribute goods. If you're unfamiliar with this setup, here's a helpful guide.

The Process

A public warehouse is a logistical partner that will help you grow your business and deliver products quickly to customers. Once the items are fabricated, they'll be shipped to the warehouse for proper storage. If you sell perishables, the team will use refrigerated storage and transportation to ensure everything stays at a safe temperature.


Once an order comes in, they'll fulfill it and manage the freight shipping to the client. Warehousing fees are often a combination of storage rates measured by the pallet or square footage and transactional fees for outbound shipments.

The Benefits

A public warehouse is a cost-efficient and timely way to jumpstart your business. Instead of buying your own property, creating internal infrastructure, investing in equipment, and staffing highly trained technicians to handle goods, a public warehouse will manage these aspects of the business on your behalf.

They'll also flex your space as needed. For example, you can reduce or expand the amount of storage you pay for based on the season or success of the inventory.


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