Freight forwarding helps businesses manage the logistics of importing and exporting goods. Shipping items to different states or countries often requires multiple carriers, methods, and routes, so this service can be a major benefit to businesses. Here are some specific ways it may help. 

How Your Business Can Benefit From Freight Forwarding

1. Cost Savings

Freight forwarders generally have access to large-scale shipping methods and likely work with other companies in your industry. Combining your shipments with those from other companies can help save you money. For example, renting just part of a large refrigerated container that is already traveling on a large ship is likely to cost significantly less than securing an entire refrigerated unit just for your products. 

2. Time Savings

freight forwarding

Managing logistics requires several steps, from securing the right shipping methods to filling out customs forms. This takes your team away from other important tasks, like building partnerships with retailers and marketing your products in a new location. A freight forwarder handles these tasks for you, and they can often do it more efficiently since they have systems in place for managing bulk shipments for multiple clients.  

3. Loss Management

Unexpected situations can occur when importing and exporting products. For example, severe weather may delay or reroute a shipment. Freight forwarders will respond quickly and communicate with ports and providers to get your items back where they need to go. This prevents product loss and limits financial and productivity reductions that may occur if your team tries to navigate these challenging situations. 

A forwarder also has experience making sure products have the proper type of storage and shipping containers. For example, securing refrigerated storage prevents food and personal care items from spoiling. 


If you’re ready to reap the benefits of freight forwarding, contact Unicold Corporation in Honolulu. The warehousing and shipping company manages and carries out shipments to and from Hawaii. They also provide refrigerated space and consolidate distribution to multiple locations. Visit the website to see a full list of services, or call (808) 836-2931 to request an estimate.