When you own a restaurant, you rely on cold storage to keep food safe, fresh, and appetizing. If your freezer breaks down, it could disrupt business operations and endanger the health of your customers. For these reasons, be sure to monitor your commercial freezer as part of your daily to-do list, and contact a service professional at the first sign of problems. Here are a few of the more common signs of freezer issues.

How to Tell If Your Commercial Freezer Is Breaking Down

1. Frost Accumulation

Frost only develops when warmer air meets cooler air. Trace amounts of frost on frozen foods is normal; after all, people are likely moving in and out of your freezer throughout the day, letting warm air in and cool air out. But when frost starts to build up on walls or doors, there is likely warm air entering through a gap or loose seal. This can result in uneven freezing of your cold storage items, unpleasant freezer burn, and further problems with the cooling system.

2. Wet Floors

cold storage

Wet floors also result from warm air getting into your freezer. But in this case, the amount of warm air entering is so strong and substantial that it's causing your cold storage items to melt and condensation to drip down the walls and ceiling. The source may be something simple, like an employee inadvertently leaving the door open, or it could require professional repairs, such as replacing the door seal. Bear in mind that wet floors can lead to mold and mildew growth, so clean up the water right away.

3. Spotty Temperatures

Check the temperature of your freezer each time you open the door. It should remain more or less consistent. If you find yourself frequently having to raise or lower the temperature to maintain a certain degree of coolness, contact a repair service. The thermostat may need to be recalibrated, the door gasket or hinge may need a replacement, or the compressor may be breaking down, to name a few possible causes.


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