For restaurants, grocers, and florists, cold storage is the key to maintaining an always-ready stock. But for many businesses, there isn't the space to keep every product in a temperature-controlled enclosure. For those cases, cold-storage warehousing offers a simple, reliable solution. Here are a few ways keeping perishables in remote storage can benefit your business. 

3 Advantages of Cold-Storage Warehousing

1. Extended Shelflife

Storing perishable foodstuffs at colder temperatures slows down the growth of bacteria and fungus present in the product, and it slows down the natural decay processes of most foods that leave them spoiled. Businesses often buy these products in large quantities to save on the price, but it's not always feasible to store in-house all of the ingredients that are meant to last through the week or month. When this is the case, cold-storage warehousing offers a simple way to keep your products lasting longer. These facilities are often equipped with fine control over temperature, meaning they may be able to achieve lower temperatures and make the product last even longer. 

2. Cost Efficiency

cold storage

When you're storing food properly, less of it goes to waste because of spoilage, which means saving money. Over time, the amount of produce that rots because of a lack of storage options becomes a costly drain on a business's budget. Outsourcing this storage to a warehouse also saves you money from the enormous electric bill it takes to keep large areas of a building cool.

3. Redundancy

Dedicated cold-storage warehouses have multiple redundancies in place to ensure that their facilities stay cold day in and day out. These facilities have backup generators in the case of power outages, and they use the most efficient and airtight storage systems to keep the cold air in even if the backups were to fail. 


If your business needs extra space to store produce, perishables, or other temperature-sensitive items, reach out to Unicold Corporation. Based in Honolulu, HI, these cold-storage experts are fully equipped to manage your storage solutions and preserve your products. Learn more about their services online, and call (808) 836-2931 to discuss your needs.