From restaurants and supermarkets to medical facilities and agricultural distributors, there are many businesses that need cold storage to operate effectively. To provide the safest products for their customers, food-handling companies need to know which perishables should be refrigerated. Here are a few do’s and don’ts to follow.


Chill sliced fruits and vegetables.

Once fresh fruits and vegetables are sliced, they’re exposed to oxygen in the air, which causes browning and rotting. Refrigeration equipment offers an airtight seal that significantly restricts oxygen exposure for items stored inside. Even fruits and vegetables that aren’t chilled whole, like tomatoes, potatoes, and onions, should be refrigerated after slicing.

Refrigerate eggs.

cold storageMost animal products, including meat, seafood, and dairy, need to be refrigerated. In the U.S., eggs are washed with soap and water soon after they’re laid. This leaves a protective film behind that helps retain water and oxygen and prevents bacteria from penetrating the egg. To best maintain this film, always keep any eggs in cold storage.


Cool your bread.

Bread products contain starch molecules that keep the loaf soft and fresh. Cold temperatures crystalize the molecules, making the bread go stale faster. However, freezing temperatures won’t have this effect since they stop the crystallization process. Don't refrigerate your bread; keep it at room temperature or in a deep freeze.

Store oils in the refrigerator.

Most cooking oils will solidify in cold temperatures. While putting them in the refrigerator likely won't spoil them, they’ll require time to thaw and return to their liquid state. This can be a hassle if you're running a busy restaurant. Be sure all oils are kept in containers with tight seals.


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