Your furnace is vital for keeping your house comfortable as the weather grows chillier. It can be hard to know whether a strange noise or erratic behavior from your unit is a momentary glitch or a sign that you need furnace repair. The guide below explores some of the most popular questions homeowners ask about their heating systems.

Your Furnace Questions Answered

Why is my furnace making noise?

Every heating system makes noises from time to time, but it should sound like a general operating hum. If you start to hear chirping, clicking, or booming, there could be a larger issue at play. Chirping and clicking point to issues with loose bolts or warped, worn-out bearings. Booming often means that the ductwork is expanding, which can compromise your comfort and heating costs. If you hear anything that sounds abnormal, you may need furnace repair.

How can I reduce my utility bills?

furnace repairThe easiest solution to this is lowering the temperature in your home. The lower the temperature, the less fuel is needed to achieve it, thus costing you less money. However, you can also install a programmable thermostat that would adjust the temperature of your home based on a regular schedule, using less heat when you’re not around. Additionally, regular furnace tune-ups will ensure it’s running efficiently and yield lower running costs.

Can my furnace start a fire?

Your HVAC’s blower motor takes the heated air created within the furnace and circulates it throughout your home. Should it stop working, the hot air will get trapped, causing it to overheat and potentially catch fire. Furnaces also run on combustible gas, so a leak can potentially lead to an explosion or fire. The best way to prevent either of these occurrences is by replacing your furnace every 15 to 20 years and ensuring you have regular maintenance and furnace repairs as needed.

What are the signs I should replace my furnace?

While different models will display varying warning signs, there are a few indicators of trouble that are true for all furnaces. If you turn it on and it has a delayed ignition or produces little to no heat, it’s time to upgrade. Significant corrosion, strange smells, and consistent pilot light failure also mean you should consult a professional about replacing your heating system.


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