HVAC stands for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. For many new homeowners, the prospect of residential HVAC care can seem overwhelming at first. However, there’s no reason to be left out in the cold. With the following tips, you can learn to form positive habits and get the most out of your unit for years to come.

How to Take Care of Your Heating & Cooling

1. Replace the Filter

If you don’t know the last time your filter was changed, now is the perfect time to do it. Make it a regular routine; replace it every two to three months. Dirty filters put a strain on the unit and ultimately shorten the life span of your residential HVAC system. Clean filters boost efficiency, allowing the air to move freely while providing higher-quality indoor air.

2. Schedule Maintenance

residential HVACJust as you need to visit the doctor and dentist for physical checkups and teeth cleanings, the HVAC system needs regular service to operate at its peak and avoid breakdowns. With professional experts performing regular preventative assessments, you can save money and sidestep costly mishaps in the future.

3. Keep a Consistent Temperature

Keeping the thermostat at a steady setting helps ensure a long life for your heater. The more you change the temperature or turn the system off and on, the harder the unit has to work to keep up with the adjustments. Such constant variations can wear out an otherwise high-performing residential HVAC system. Consider a smart thermostat to regulate temperatures for you.


Now that you know the basics, Air Control Company in Lexington, KY, will help you keep your residential HVAC system in shape. This heating and air conditioning contractor is fully licensed and has been in business since 1971. For maintenance, service, furnace repair, or heating installation, call (859) 253-1734. Visit their website to learn more about their services.