Whether you use a laptop for business or pleasure, technical issues are always frustrating. Screen issues are particularly troubling, and they have various causes. The liquid-crystal display (LCD) screen may be damaged, or the problem might stem from malfunctioning hardware or software. No matter the reason, a laptop repair specialist can diagnose and fix the following computer concerns. 

Why Won't Your Screen Turn On?

1. Faulty Video Cable

If a blank screen accompanies the usual startup sounds, there could be an issue with the video cable. A video cable connects the LCD screen to the motherboard or a video card. The cable can sometimes be knocked loose, which disrupts the signal. This issue may occur if you recently dropped your laptop. 

2. Corrupt System File

An operating system (OS) manages the software needed for your laptop to function. If there is a corrupted file, it can affect your computer's processes and eventually cause the screen to fail. Along with physical damage, files can also become corrupted due to malware, power surges, or issues updating the OS. 

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3. Overheating

Computers automatically shut down to protect internal components when too much heat is detected. The screen will come on, but it will immediately go blank as the laptop stops working. Laptops can overheat because of dust and debris in the internal cooling fan, problems with newly added hardware, and blocked vents.

4. Bad Battery

The laptop battery provides power to all of its components, including the LCD screen. A battery may indicate it's about to fail by taking longer to charge. You may also notice your battery goes dead quickly after receiving a full charge. Batteries only have so many charging cycles, so these issues are common in older models. 


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