Whether you need a computer for school, work, gaming, or all of the above, a laptop is an invaluable tool. However, like any digital device, they can malfunction. While some problems can be resolved by restarting the computer or uninstalling a program, certain laptop repairs must be handled professionally. If you notice any of the following issues, don't wait to have it fixed.

When Should You Take Your Computer for Laptop Repairs?

1. Charging Problems

Your laptop battery should be able to hold a charge for hours. If it doesn't or won't charge at all or dies quickly, it could be the hardware. First, check if your adapter cable has frayed wires or bent connectors. If this is the case, a replacement charger should solve the issue.

Alternatively, it may be the battery that needs replacing. Replacing them is generally an affordable solution, but some manufacturers make the compartment inaccessible so that you must ship it to them or have it serviced at an authorized store. Finally, the charging port could be malfunctioning. Repairing this requires the laptop repair technician to open up your laptop, but from there, it’s usually a straightforward fix.

2. Malfunctioning Monitor

laptop repairWhen you see cracks on the glass, wavy lines, or messy pixels on your laptop screen, it's usually a hardware issue. Because your laptop is easy to bring with you wherever you go, it's much more vulnerable to damage. Furthermore, due to many laptop designs, it's difficult to replace the screen's components; even if you have the right hardware, without the tools or the practice, you could do more harm than good. 

3. Slow Performance

When programs seem to lag, or things freeze for minutes at a time, there's probably software issues. If it's just in one application, try updating it. If everything seems slow, you may need to pursue a series of solutions, including updating the entire operating system, optimizing the hard drive, and cleaning up temporary and extraneous files. You may also have malware. A professional can search your hard drive to pinpoint the issue and perform the necessary maintenance.


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