Whether you need cash quickly or you’re searching for a must-have item, pawn shops can supply what you need. However, those who do not frequent these places may need a few pointers before heading in for a sale or purchase. As the area’s premier pawn shop, American Trading Company in Cincinnati, OH, is committed to making each customer’s experience comfortable and intimidation-free. Below, the family-owned center shares several helpful do’s and don’ts to know before walking through the door.


Negotiate for the best price.

Pawn shop managers expect customers to negotiate for the best deal. If you spot a price on an item that is higher than you want to pay, ask for a lower amount. Be reasonable with your request, but haggle to get the price lower than the listed rate.

Research the item you want to sell or buy.

Take some time to do a bit of research on the item you plan to buy or sell at the pawn shop. This will help you make a reasonable offer. Go online to find similarly priced items so that you have an idea of how you should negotiate. Check the prices on both used and new products to be more informed of industry values.


Go online for certain items.

pawn shopOne of the benefits of visiting a pawn shop is you can see, touch, and inspect the item you want to buy. While there are online alternatives, customers run the risk of paying for something that may not live up to the advertisement. Certain items such as laptops, video game systems, and high-end jewelry are best viewed at a brick-and-mortar store.

Misrepresent who you are as the seller.

In most states, pawn shops are legally required to ensure the potential seller is the rightful owner of the property presented. Be prepared to show a government-issued ID. This is especially true for items such as firearms. To protect yourself and ensure a successful sale, never misrepresent who you are during a pawn transaction.

To get the best deals at a pawn shop, a little preparation can go a long way. Since 1982, American Trading Company has been the go-to source for a wide range of items to sell and buy. The friendly and professional staff work hard to make the experience convenient and seamless. To browse the latest inventory, stop by either of their Cincinnati locations. If you have questions, call (513) 385-6789 or (513) 661-3633. Visit the website for extensive information on the shop’s products and services.