While acne often comes and goes, it can also leave deep scars. To prevent or lessen the look of scars, it’s essential to understand best practices in men’s skin care and how acne develops. Here’s what you need to know. 

What Causes Acne Scars

When pores become filled with bacteria, dead skin cells, or excess oil, they will well, creating acne. When a rupture occurs above the skin, scarring is minimal; however, if it appears under the skin as cystic acne, it can destroy the dermis and subcutaneous tissue (the innermost layer of the skin). As your body tries to repair itself with new collagen fibers, scarring may occur.

Hypertrophic or keloid scarring is when the wound heals into a raised mass. However, some acne scars will come in the form of redness or discoloration without any lost or raised tissue. These can be fixed with proper men’s skin care, including getting regular facials or taking medications like Retin-A. 

How to Prevent Scars

Treat Acne Immediately

men’s skin careAs soon as you see acne forming, treat the breakout. Pimples with white heads (pustules) will benefit from topical acne creams; however, don’t apply too much, or you could dry out and irritate the skin. Apply warm compresses every 20 minutes on the breakout to open and clean the pores. For cysts and nodules, see a dermatologist, as these methods won’t work for deep acne.

Don’t Touch 

Although it’s tempting to prod, poke, or squeeze a blemish, avoid doing so even if there’s a visible head. Not only will this cause more inflammation and make the healing time longer, but it will also lead to scarring. You could also unintentionally push the infection deeper into the pores. Deep acne, like cysts, should never be poked with a needle for the same reasons.

Reduce Inflammation

Be gentle to your skin when experiencing a breakout. Clean your face with a topical acne cleanser, but don’t aggressively scrub the area, as this will irritate the pores and cause more inflammation. Calm any redness on your face by using a green facial cream (with avocado, spinach, or kale) to reduce irritation. 


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