When it comes to spa treatments, people tend to be most familiar with the Swedish massage. However, hot stone massages have emerged as an increasingly popular option. This type of massage therapy can elevate your spa experience to another level and help you achieve relaxation. Here’s what you need to know to determine if this massage style is right for you.

A Beginner’s Guide to Hot Stone Massage

What It Is 

Hot stone massages are performed using many of the same techniques as a traditional Swedish massage but incorporate heated stones. These are placed at different points on the body or rubbed over the skin in areas that are especially tense. This is an ancient practice that was originally used in several cultures to help cure illnesses but is now an effective spa treatment for relaxing tight muscles.

What Are the Benefits? 

spa treatmentThe heat from the stones encourages greater relaxation and makes it easier to work with the muscles. Hot stone massages can also help alleviate a variety of health conditions. Many people get them to reduce stress and anxiety, promote better sleep, boost immunity, improve circulation, and relieve back pain. Studies have also shown that hot stone therapy may reduce the effects of cancer and autoimmune disease symptoms. 

What to Expect 

Every therapist uses their own techniques for performing a hot stone massage and will usually tailor the spa treatment according to the client’s specific level of pain and tension. Regardless, you can generally expect to have flat, heated stones placed down your back as you lie face down on the massage table. Smaller stones may also be positioned on the hands and feet. The therapist will glide the stones over your body, paying special attention to acupressure points and areas causing you discomfort. As the stones cool down, they’ll be replaced. 


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