For a modern, industrial look, there’s no better material than concrete. Thanks to its recognizable texture and its versatility, it can add a distinctive touch to almost any area of your home or yard. Aside from choosing concrete furniture and fixtures, here are a few projects you can do at your home with just a ready-mix concrete product and a few other supplies.

Decorating with Concrete

1. Garden Decorations

Creating customized stepping stones or pavers is simple. All you need is a carton or box to use as a mold, and additional items such as foam letters or shapes to create a design. Depending on the depth of the concrete, you can create a deep impression or even a cutout look that will allow plants to peek through.

2. Containers

Concrete is porous, so it can be used for containers that you don’t need to be watertight, like pots and planters for your garden or indoors. You can also create a watertight vase by sinking a glass or plastic container into a concrete base.

3. Hooks, Knobs, & Magnets

ConcreteFor small touches around the home, use a small box or a rubber mold to make concrete shapes a few inches across. A hook, bolt, or magnet set in the wet concrete provides a way to attach these shapes to furniture and surfaces in your home.

4. Lamp or Light Fixture

You can create a thin shell of concrete by pouring the material over a balloon. This shell can then be used as a lampshade, either hanging from your ceiling or added to freestanding lamps in your bedroom or living room.

5. Stamped or Patterned Paving

Paving concrete may sound boring, but because the surface is so malleable, it’s easy to add designs. Try drawing on the surface to create a cobblestone look or use a stamp for a more regular texture or pattern.


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