Extending your home doesn’t have to require a costly addition. Both concrete patios and decks provide outdoor extensions for relaxing and entertaining; however, one is arguably the better choice. Below, learn what makes a concrete patio the better option. 

Why You Should Forgo a Deck in Favor of a Concrete Patio

1. Long-Lasting

These patios stay in good condition for up to 70 years. Wooden decks, on the other hand, last about 10 years before they need replacing and require more intensive maintenance, such as periodic staining and weatherproofing. Decks are also vulnerable to rot and termite damage. Patios require little more than periodic sweeping to maintain and provide fewer areas for insects and animals to hide. Mice, rats, possums, and raccoons are among the creatures who use the space underneath decks for shelter.

2. Wallet-Friendly

concreteA patio saves money in several ways. The material is less expensive per square inch than most deck materials, and you’ll save on untimely replacement costs. Plus, patios often don’t require permits to install. On the other hand, most municipalities and counties require permits to build decks, which means paying fees. Finally, because concrete is not as maintenance-heavy, you’ll save even more money.

3. Wide Range of Styles & Colors

While it is possible to paint a deck, there are many more creative options with concrete. Pavers come in an extensive range of shapes and sizes to create tile, cobblestone, brick, and even wood plank results. The material can also be stamped and dyed. There is virtually no limit to what you can create with this versatile option.

4. Privacy

Depending on the height of the deck, it may give neighbors and passersby a clear view. Rather than feeling on display, opt for a patio. The structures are always low to the ground to enhance instead of hinder backyard privacy. They also offer location flexibility for increased privacy, whereas decks are typically attached to the house. 


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