Inclement winter weather can take its toll on asphalt and concrete. With regular exposure to freezing temperatures, snow, ice, and rain, the materials can slowly degrade and develop surface imperfections that affect its safety, integrity, and longevity. There are several ways that homeowners and property managers can avoid these problems. Here’s what you need to know.

How to Protect Your Pavement During the Cold Season

1. Investigate It Before Winter

Preparing the asphalt or concrete before winter is important. Inspect it thoroughly to make sure it’s free of cracks, potholes, and other structural problems that could invite moisture inside. That could make the openings even larger when the water freezes and thaws, causing them to contract and deepen. Filling those openings early and sealcoating the surface will help prevent more serious long-term problems.

2. Avoid Using De-Icing Products

concreteAlthough de-icing products are helpful for promoting a safer walking environment, they can be detrimental to the actual surface. It’s particularly important to avoid anything with rock salt, which can speed up the deterioration process caused by already harmful freeze-and-thaw cycles. And if the asphalt or concrete is already cracked or damaged in any way, then the de-icing product will simply aggravate the problem. A safer alternative is magnesium chloride, which is not as harsh and won’t pose the same hazards.

3. Handle Snow Removal Carefully

For both homeowners and property managers, safety is a primary concern. Shovel the snow as soon as possible so that there’s less to handle when it finally stops. But do so with a plastic shovel instead of one made with metal, as the latter can scratch the surface.

To properly push the snow away, hold the tool at an angle instead of pushing it into the surface. This will prevent scratches that might otherwise contribute to problems in the future.

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