Residential and commercial contractors often contact asphalt supply companies when they need a durable and affordable material for driveways. Unfortunately, while the life expectancy of asphalt is roughly 10 to 20 years, climate, usage, and external factors can lead to the need for early replacement. Here are a few signs it’s time to consult your supply company so you can get fresh pavement.

When Should You Have an Asphalt Supply Company Replace Your Driveway?

1. Missing Pieces & Crumbling Edges

Small cracks left unattended will continue to grow as your driveway is used by cars, people, bicycles, and lawn equipment. These damages will lead to missing pieces and loose debris that can cause larger potholes. Also, driveway edges that were too thin when originally paved can start to crumble and create more loose debris over time. These issues in tandem indicate that it’s time to repave.

2. Cracks

asphalt Supply CompanyWhen the sub base underneath your driveway is no longer supportive, you may start to see long cracks develop in your asphalt. These issues can negatively impact the visual appeal of your driveway and damage your tires. Instead of attempting to patch long cracks, starting fresh with a new base and top coat will ensure durability and aesthetics for years to come.

3. Standing Water

Following a rainstorm, do you notice pooling water on your asphalt? In this situation, you may have a drainage or sloping issue that’s preventing runoff. To avoid freezing and thawing during colder months or moisture leading to cracks, work with an asphalt supply company to repave your driveway as a whole.


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