When most people think of concrete, images of sidewalks, driveways, and garage floors automatically come to mind. However, this material can also beautify other areas of a home, lending a sophisticated, contemporary feel and a hardy surface that'll withstand the test of time. Below, get inspired by a few ways to add this look to your home.

How to Incorporate Concrete in Your Home Design

1. Accent Wall

A concrete accent wall looks sleek and innovative in any space, and it's an automatic attention-getter when someone walks in the room. If you find the look of concrete to be cold and industrial, make it more inviting by painting it a warm color or carving designs and patterns into the surface. This style will complement virtually any design scheme.

2. Decorative Objects

concreteConsider working concrete objects into your décor for a stunning modern touch. A large concrete coffee table can bring a room together and be used for everything from displaying magazines to holding beverages and propping up feet—all while looking sleek and tasteful. A concrete wall around your fireplace will also make your cozy fire stand out, and a concrete shelving unit is an excellent place to feature a prized collection.

3. Kitchen Island

A concrete island is a perfect place to cook, sit, and store extra kitchen gadgets. Given the durability of the material, it'll also be strong enough to withstand the rigors of daily meal preparation, yet refined enough to be a gathering place for guests or a buffet setup for a dinner party. You can choose a granite or marble countertop for added visual appeal and functionality, or leave the concrete surface as is after sealing it.


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