After having a parking lot or driveway laid out with the help of an asphalt supply company, its surface will undoubtedly look perfect. However, over time, asphalt becomes riddled with a variety of cracks. Although it’s impossible to maintain a completely smooth surface forever, you’ll have a better chance of preserving it for longer if you’re aware of the causes of these cracks.

What Causes Asphalt Damage?

1. Nature

The roots of nearby trees can grow beneath your asphalt, creating cracks by pushing it upward. Additionally, a sinkhole could form underneath it, making the asphalt crack and collapse.

More commonly, water and sun break down the asphalt over time, as it cracks from dryness and wear. In the winter, any water that seeps under the surface will freeze and expand, forcing the asphalt to crack and become uneven.

2. Heavy Pressure

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In most cases, asphalt surfaces receive frequent traffic. It’s no surprise that being persistently driven over by vehicles gradually produces cracks. The larger and bulkier the vehicle, the harder it is for the asphalt to support it, which makes damage more likely. Additionally, asphalt sometimes holds heavy buildings and structures that create pressure.

3. Inadequate Soil

Clay soil shifts easily, becoming substantially more condensed in dry weather while expanding notably in cold temperatures. Soil is also supposed to be properly graded and compacted before asphalt is laid out. If the material is laid over clay or poorly compacted soil, it'll crack over time.

4. Poor Installation

Your asphalt supply company will likely provide materials for your surface's base, such as crushed stone or recycled concrete. When these materials are low-quality, they’ll be too loose or weak to keep out water or provide much support. Consequently, the asphalt won’t be as strong or sturdy as it should be, which will result in cracks.


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